So What Did I Do You Ask?

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So What Did I Do You Ask?

Well, what I didn't do is wake up every morning thinking that it couldn't be done. I also didn't look too far ahead otherwise I would have been overwhelmed. What I did do, and what I have always done since, is taken it one day at a time! Yes, I know it is a cliche but for a good reason and that is because sometimes that is all you can do. I woke up every morning; and sometimes this would be a bit later than other mornings depending on how often I had been up the night before with the children, and got dressed and presentable and went into the office. In those days, you had to go into the office as working from home was by no means as prevalent, nor as acceptable, as it is today. I still do this today as I beleive that you are more productive in addition to learning so much from all the senior agents in the office. I had so much support from my Broker of Record but also from the other agents in the office. In fact, my first listing was a co-listing with one of the senior agents. When she started another senior agent in the office did this for her and she was passing it on and later in my career I too passed this along to a more junior agent. In addition, my first buyer was a result of a senior agent in the office calling me at 8:30 in the morning asking if I would take her duty shift as her car would not start. Now I had been up all night with my six month old so needless to say I was not looking my most professional but I was determined to succeed in what I knew was a very competitive marketplace and I could not afford to pass up any opportunity so I put myself together, got in the car and arrived at the office to find a client wiating for me as he wanted to look for a home...

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